Mechanical Design

IVD Inc. provides design of various types of HVAC systems to meet your project requirements. We are expereinced with hot water and steam boilers, direct fired heating and all types of heat pumps; as well as, chilled water, geothermal and direct espansion (DX) cooling. Our projects have utilized constant volume air handling, variable air volume (VAV) air handling, humidification, dehumidification, variable refirigerant flow (VRF), in-floor radiant heat, and infra-red heat. We have worked with natural gas, propane (LP) gas, and fuel oil heat sources. IVD will design the appropriate automatic temperature control (ATC) system for the type of equipment in your building and the level of expertise available for maintenance and operation. We have extensive experience in duct design and air distribution, ventilation systems, and energy recovery systems. Additionally, we can provide more than twenty-five years of expertise in pneumatic, electronic, and DDC building automation as well as integrated security and life safety systems.